JHP Dinner: El Centro Dove Opener


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Since quite a few of us will be down in El Centro for the first opener, a few of us are considering getting a JHP Dinner together.  One idea being discussed was the annual BBQ at Rio Bend RV park - but they cancelled it.  I am suggesting the Four Seasons Buffet & Grill, which I believe is a Home Town Buffet-like place.  Can't remember the place we had dinner at last year. Nice thing is that they have a variety of food (lots of it) are friendly to large groups (hunters) and nobody has to do the math on the bill when we're done.  Post your suggestions and/or let us know if you are going to be in town and want to get together before the big day.



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8PM sounds good, as that will give us time to get back from wherever we were scouting at sunset.

Just to keep the count rolling, I have the following interested:

SoCalTed (+wife and 2 kids)
Wildbirdhunter  (+ guests)

& possibly Remshot  (who is local to El Centro)


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FullSack and myself will be toting a few behind.  All guys that are new first time hunters.  Not sure on the exact number yet, but I would say at least 6 in our group.


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Remshot just posted on my origianl thread in the Upland forum:

.<remshot> "The Four Seasons Buffet has been knocked down and a Rite Aid is just about finished where it used to be.The Broken Spoke may have a breakfast but I haven't heard of any dinners for hunters.It's to late to check right now so I'll check around tomorrow.

Guess we'll wait for plan B from Remshot!
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I'll be going out in the morning for some scouting and will check a phone book if I can find one for places to eat in Hell Centro.


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there ain't much in El Centro!  

How about the Golden Corral Buffet and Grill  I think we ate there last year...

Here is the map and instruction from yahoo:  click here

They've got all you can eat steak! Click here for there menu  You just can't beat a place with tagline like:  "Steaks, cut fresh daily, are our heritage."

The address is:  2018 N Imperial Ave, El Centro, CA 92243  Phone: (760) 336-0009

So, dinner at 8pm on Sat Aug 31st at Golden Corral Buffet and Grill  ???

P.S. they were very friendly last year.  If everyone responds with some numbers, I will call ahead and reserve an area for seating.  I called and dinner is $8.99 for adults and $3.99 for kids 12 and under.  This sounds pretty cheap to me, so bring a long a couple extra $$ in case my spanish was rusty  :bang-head:

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with my group - that would be 19

keep them coming guys...

anybody got any JHP stickers?  I can pick some up at Triple B's event if nobody from that group is heading down...


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The FullSack, wildbirdhunter, Foulshot, Droopy group looks like we have about 10 definates, and 6 maybes.

We'll let you know for sure in a couple weeks.


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This forum has been a little quiet as we've all been off running to Wal-mart to buy ammo and staring down the doves in our backyards!

Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know that we are still on.

Whoever gets there first, put a sign on the cash register to let the other JHP'rs know you are there and where you are sitting. I'll try and get there by 7:45p or so & will reserve an area for us to sit. So show up, cuz I'm gonna look stupid sitting at a table for 15 with 11 open seats!

Check the above for my post for the directions and contact info for the restaurant: Golden Corral.

Cheers, Ted

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SoCalTed, looks like we should be there. Don't think as many as FullSack originally thought. Somewhere between 6-8 of us. Four of us will be in my truck, Green F250 with a shell, JHP sticker in the back window of the shell.

See ya there!!


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Well we met SoCalTed and his family at the Golden Corral. Nobody else showed.

Oh well, Ted it was nice to meet you and your family, glad to hear you got some birds.


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Great meeting you guys again - some for the first time. great group of people! thanks for the stories and suggestions.

Cheers, ted

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