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Dec 13, 2001
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       2002 Memorial Hunt
       Mon, 7 Jan 2002 21:34:35 -0800
       "Ray Gauthier" <desert@pe.net>
To All,

Most of the email addresses are hidden. This email has gone to about 30 varmint hunters.  Please pass the word so everyone gets to the right place.  This is the final info to be sent out to all I have email addresses for.  If anyone has questions please email me or call (909) 785-4986.  We would like to see you come out to check in and visit even if you cannot get out for the hunt.  

Some of you receiving this may not live in our Southern California area, and I apologize if I got your name in my pool.  

This is a memorial hunt and we are will be collecting money to send to the NRA in honor of Jim Struble and the others we have lost (please provide names to be added to our list).  Riverside is going to donate all of our hunt fees from this hunt and accept any additional amounts that anyone wishes to donate.  We would ask that the other organizations also donate their hunt fees.  I believe all of those we honor here would appreciate this small gesture.

Riverside Rebels Predator Callers will present a Trophy Bowl to the winning team, however, we ask that the trophy be held by the winning teams organization.  The winners will be given a plaque commemorating the occasion.  It is hoped that this event will become an annual event and the trophy will become a traveling symbol of our respect to those Predator Hunters that led us, taught us, hunted with us, our friends, never to be forgotten and always missed.  

Riverside will have the trophy plate engraved with the winning names and deliver it within 30 days to the applicable club.  If the trophy is won by a team or individual not affiliated with a club, Riverside will hold the trophy for this year.  

Each organization will monitor their own hunts for check out times and procedures.  We expect most will have a phone check out Friday evening.  For individuals not affiliated with a club, you are on your honor for checkout time, please consider 6pm Friday as check out.  

All hunters will check in at one location, and each organization will do their own check in, count points etc.  Check in will be about 1 mile West of I-15 at the Hodge Road exit (south of Barstow).  This area is open to rifle shooting and has good locations for some shooting if we so choose.

Check in time, 12:00 noon Sunday, Jan 13.  

We will barbeque some burgers (provided by Riverside) with condiments (from High Desert).  Please bring your own refreshments and snack foods (you know, the typical stuff you have on board during all hunts).

We will get a tally from each organization and present a trophy to the team that brings in the most animals. If there is a tie for winner, then and points will be counted as follows.  Hunters not affiliated with a club, please check in with Riverside Rebels.  

Animals    Points              
Coyote        9
Bobcat        12
Grey Fox     5
Badger        9

The proof of kill will be whatever each organization stipulates for their teams.  If the organizations choose to accept animals other than those listed they will apply only to the organization standings.  Proof of kill for non affiliated hunters is tail-bone in.  Bobcats must have the tag attached.

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