K.B.I., Inc. Begins Shipping Israeli Made Jericho®941® Pistols


Mar 11, 2001
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K.B.I., Inc. Begins Shipping Israeli Made Jericho®941® Pistols<table align="right"><tbody><tr><td>



Firearms importer/marketer K.B.I., Inc. has begun shipping Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Jericho 941 pistols. The Jericho, first imported under the Baby Eagle Brand, will be available in 9mm, 40S&W and .45 ACP.

Jericho 941 pistols have a proven twenty-five year performance record as the pistol of choice for the Israeli Military, Police and Homeland Security forces. Jericho 941 pistols, like their elite IWI sister brands UZI®, Galil® and Tavor®, are carried by military and law enforcement agencies throughout the world. Jericho 941 pistols are a pleasure to hold and shoot. The ergonomic grip comfortably fits a wide range of hand sizes and the forward-position center of gravity reduces muzzle jump allowing for quick, precise and repeatable target alignment.

The "Military-Tuff" Jericho 941 pistols are available in three calibers (9mm, 40S&W and .45ACP), three frame sizes (Full, Mid-size & Compact), in both Polymer and Steel frames. Standard Features include: ambidextrous de-cocking (firing pin block) safety; double/single action trigger function; combat style trigger guard; chrome-lined polygonal rifled barrels; under frame picatinny rail (except compact); low-profile combat style sights; two magazines & hard case. The Jericho's time-tested, field-proven reliability and performance may be its best feature.

K.B.I., Inc. began shipping Jericho 941 Pistols to the U.S. market in early May. Jericho 941 pistols are available now. Full specifications are available on the Jericho website at www.Jericho.US.com. Suggested retail prices range from $674.00 for the blued steel and polymer frame models to $749.00 for the chromed/steel model

In addition to the Jericho 941 pistols, K.B.I., Inc. offers other Israeli and Turkish made pistols under the Charles Daly® name. The Charles Daly shotgun offering comprises one of the most complete shotgun lines in the U.S. K.B.I., Inc. entered the AR rifle market in late 2007 under the Charles Daly DEFENSE banner.


George R. Woford (815) 540-7496 or george@KBI-INC.com

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