Kansas Jack.


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Here is my GSP Kansas Jack. I bought him from Hunt'em Up Kennels in Kansas when I needed a hunting partner and a friend who would just listen when I returned home from a tough Deployment in Iraq. He heard my horror story of war. And on a few occasions brought me back from my own personal hell with a loving nuzzle and the look of "I know". He was my savior. We lost him a couple of months back to cancer at the good age of 8. He didn't suffer as we found him in his favorite spot in the yard like he just went to sleep. Rest in Peace Jack. You will be missed by all who loved you and hunted behind you.
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RIP, Jack.

Having dogs pass away is the hardest thing about having them. We've lost some really special ones in the last 30+ years.

Hope you can keep hold of all the fond memories.

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