KDFW Seeking Input On Shoreline Access Regs, Lake Malone in western Kentucky.


Mar 11, 2001
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KDFW Seeking Input On Shoreline Access Regs


Frankfort, Kentucky - The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources is seeking input from local landowners regarding proposed new regulations for docks, stairways and structures built on department-owned property around Lake Malone in western Kentucky.

The proposed regulations would also apply to other department-owned lakes, including Beaver, Boltz, Carpenter, Corinth, Elmer Davis, Guist Creek, Kincaid and Kingfisher.

Local landowners around Lake Malone will soon receive an information packet from the department regarding recommendations made by a 14-member advisory committee. The recommendations include safety and construction standards for any new walkways or staircases along the shoreline under a new permitting system. The recommendations also address permanent structures such as sheds and gazebos built on department property.

Approximately 500 landowners around Lake Malone, where encroachment upon department-owned property is the most widespread, will receive a mailed summary of recommendations. Landowners around other department-owned lakes may see the recommendations online at fw.ky.gov. Residents without computer access may call the department to request a copy at 1-800-858-1549.


The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources manages, regulates, enforces and promotes responsible use of all fish and wildlife species, their habitats, public wildlife areas and waterways for the benefit of those resources and for public enjoyment. Kentucky Fish and Wildlife is an agency of the Tourism, Arts & Heritage Cabinet. For more information on the department, visit our web site at fw.ky.gov.


Dave Baker (800) 858-1549 ext. 4454+

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