"Kentucky Afield" TV goes live Saturday with wildlife


Mar 11, 2001
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"Kentucky Afield" TV goes live Saturday with wildlife diversity call-in show


Frankfort, Kentucky - "Kentucky Afield" television airs live Saturday, August 9, as a panel of experts on wildlife diversity will answer questions phoned in by viewers.

The one-hour special features experts on the state's non-hunted and lesser-known creatures and their habitats, such as songbirds, bald eagles, bats, snakes, frogs, turtles and more. The wildlife diversity program, operated by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, has made great strides in helping protect Kentucky's threatened and endangered species.

Viewers statewide can participate by calling the show toll-free. "The only thing more varied than the wildlife across our state is the questions we get about them," said "Kentucky Afield" host Tim Farmer.

"Kentucky Afield" is a production of Kentucky Fish and Wildlife. It is the longest continuously running outdoor television show in the nation. The "Kentucky Afield" call-in airs Saturday at 8 p.m. Eastern /7 p.m. Central on KET 1.


The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources manages, regulates, enforces and promotes responsible use of all fish and wildlife species, their habitats, public wildlife areas and waterways for the benefit of those resources and for public enjoyment. Kentucky Fish and Wildlife, an agency of the Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet, has an economic impact to the state of $4.7 billion annually. For more information on the department, visit our web site at fw.ky.gov.

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