Kentucky Elk Lottery Deadline is April 30 2011. Hunt draw, elk tag.


Mar 11, 2001
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Who's putting in this year?


Kentucky Elk Lottery Deadline is April 30

Friday, April 15, 2011

FRANKFORT, Ky. - Calling all elk hunters - the deadline to apply for Kentucky's elk hunt lottery is fast approaching.

Lottery applications must be purchased online at by midnight (Eastern time) April 30.

New this year, hunters may apply for up to two of four permit types: bull firearms, bull archery or crossbow, cow firearms and cow archery or crossbow. Hunters may not, however, apply twice for one permit type.

"Offering separate permits is in response to hunter requests," said Tina Brunjes, deer and elk program coordinator for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. "In the past, a significant number of hunters who drew cow permits chose not to hunt. Since hunters will now be able to apply for a cow permit, we feel like more of these will be filled."

Lottery applications are $10 for each permit sought.

Kentucky Fish and Wildlife will issue 800 permits in its general hunt lottery to successful applicants, including 80 permits for antlered elk (archery or crossbow); 120 permits for antlered elk (firearms); 240 permits for antlerless elk (archery or crossbow) and 360 permits for antlerless elk (firearms).

Additionally, hunters who will be younger than 16 years old on the first day of the hunt may apply for the youth-only quota elk hunt at Paul Van Booven Wildlife Management Area (WMA) and adjacent private lands (with landowner permission) for the weekend of Sept. 24-26. Five permits for either a bull or cow elk will be awarded in the youth-only drawing.

Also new this year, there will be a two-week archery-only (no crossbows) bull elk season Sept. 17-30.

Youth under 16 years of age, seniors 65 years of age and older, and persons with a crossbow exemption may hunt with a crossbow during the entire elk archery season.

Firearms hunters may only hunt during the seven-day firearms season for which they were drawn; they may not hunt with archery gear or crossbows outside of that week. An archery or crossbow hunter may not hunt during the four weeks of firearms elk hunts.

Only individuals, not groups of hunters, may apply for Kentucky's elk lottery. A random computer drawing will be held in early May to select hunters for the quota hunts.

Hunters drawn for a bull elk permit will be blocked for three years from applying for another bull elk permit. For example, hunters drawn for a 2011-12 season bull permit are ineligible to apply for another bull permit until the 2015-16 elk season. Youth drawn for the youth-only elk hunt at Paul Van Booven WMA will be permanently blocked from applying for that hunt again.

The 16-county elk zone is 4.1 million acres and is divided into 10 Elk Hunting Units (EHUs) with a total of 576,994 acres open to public hunting. The EHUs have been established to manage the elk herd, spread out hunting pressure and provide hunters with a high chance of success.

Kentucky's elk herd was first hunted on Oct. 6, 2001. Last season, hunters took 540 elk, including 198 bulls and 342 cows.

For elk season dates and other information on elk hunting in Kentucky, go to on the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife website.

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I speak fluent Vise-Grip
Sep 5, 2002
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You were not selected for an Elk Quota Hunt this year. Thank you for applying. Good luck next year.
Well shucks......


Forever Hunting
May 10, 2004
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No joy in Mudville for me either .............................

Guess I'm booking a week in the WI northwoods to chase Muskies this fall.

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