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Jun 10, 2002
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Too Butch??? Must be a typo. I think his finger hit the "U" instead of the "I."

Feminist Criticizes Kerry's 'Butch' Image
By Robert B. Bluey Staff Writer
July 28, 2004

Boston ( - Feminist author Barbara Ehrenreich was jeered at Tuesday's liberal "Take Back America" rally when she suggested that Democrat nominees John Kerry and John Edwards had become too "butch" for their own good.

"I feel so exasperated that they can't figure out anything except to try to act butcher than [George W. Bush] when it comes to our international crises," Ehrenreich said. "It looks like the Democrats are too frightened to be labeled 'girlie men' by the party of Schwarzenegger to do what has to be done to protect us in this country."

Ehrenreich was referring to Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's recent comments about Democrat lawmakers in California.

The criticism of Kerry and his vice presidential running mate, Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina, was an unusual departure from the generally pro-Democrat focus of the rally. Many speakers used the occasion to bash President Bush.

Ehrenreich, author of Nickle and Dimed: Surviving in Low-Wage America and a columnist for left-wing magazines, said Democrats have their priorities wrong when it comes to fighting terrorism, or as she prefers to say, Islamic extremists.

If she had her way, Ehrenreich said, feminism would be used to combat enemies of the United States. She said Kerry should adopt her philosophy.

"Feminism is one of our nation's proudest exports. We invented it, practically," she said. "You cannot fight the Islamist insurgency with a combination of imperialism and MTV. The only thing Bush has done is serve as [public relations] and recruitment for al Qaeda."

As for the Democratic National Convention, Ehrenreich said it was unfortunate that each day was labeled with "butch" themes. She noted that in 1992, Democrats made women the focus of their convention, something she said was missing this year.
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