Kerry's 'Priceless' Nantucket Vacation


Jun 10, 2002
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Republicans Highlight Kerry's 'Priceless' Nantucket Vacation

( - The Republican National Committee has unveiled a new Internet ad drawing attention to the cost of John Kerry's recent Nantucket vacation. "Our newest Internet ad provides a few snapshots from John Kerry's break at the beach," said Jim Dyke, RNC communications director. The ad, a spoof of Mastercard's "Priceless" campaign, is called "A Very Kerry Weekend." It notes that last week, Sen. Kerry "traveled the country trying to convince Americans that we are living through the Great Depression." Then he ended the week in Nantucket, where a tank of gas for his $700,000 boat costs $647; a new tire for his $8,000 bicycle costs $40; a kite-surfing excursion costs $2,500; a dinner of sea scallops costs $36; and "a good night's sleep in your coastal mansion after a week traveling the country on a 'Days of Malaise Tour'" is "priceless." Earlier this year, the conservative group Citizens United ran a similar takeoff on the "Priceless" ad, mocking the wealthy Kerry's claim to be a "man of the people.""

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