Ketchikan AK Can you fish from shore for Salmon wirthout bears boothering you


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My wife and I will be visiting Ketchikan From Sept 2 thru the 5th.
We know you can get a charter for 4 hours for salmon or halibut.
Can you fish from shore???? If we can fish from shore we would like to do that.I
read that 8 miles south of Ketchican is good shore fishing. Are bears a problem??
If they are we will just go on a boat



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Yes but you have to be very careful that it is not private land. We were just there on a cruise and a guy from the ship got a ticket fishing in the wrong place. I heard you could go over next to the fish hatchery but double check... good luck! Then again it's Alaska you don't need luck!!


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Did pretty good. Limited on Reds, Rock and 1 nice halibut. had another bigger one break off.
Used a big hammer lure has pictured red stripe down side, dropped 230 feet with 1.5 diameter lead ball,, dont know the ounces..
Every drop a hook up. Put some herring strip, cut a split tail on hook. Make a couple bounces off the bottom WHAM!!!IMG_0461.jpg
They said by measurement around 44 lbs. I think he was over 50 myself... FAT
45lbhalibut.jpg hps50100.jpg:smiley-mouse:
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