Klamath Basin


Mar 16, 2001
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This Klamath water situation really pisses me off! Our Govt. strikes again! Some jackass Biologist comes out and says if water levels are not adequate, we could suffer losing 2 sucker fish and a Coho Salmon that's not even native to the Klamath River. These farmers (some who served our country) and their families have worked hard all their lives and look at the Govt. taking it all away. This is going to be catastrophic to the Klamath Basin and all the small towns not to mention what it is going to do to precious refuges and all the wildlife that needs water. What the hell is wrong with our Govt? Will someone tell me? If it seems I'm mad, I'm not...I'M BOILING! And where the hell is Ducks Unlimited in this crisis? I have yet to hear a peep out of them! At least CWA has the balls to join this lawsuit! Fellow hunters, we need to voice our opinions as well!

ps..sorry for my language but I can't help it!


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