Kodak's new batteries aimed at digital photographers


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Feb 4, 2002
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<font face=arial size=1><blockquote><hr noshade size=1>I've already heard reviews of these batteries indicate they're not as good as Kodak would like people to believe.  Certainly nowhere near 3x as long as alkaline.  More like 1.5x.  If you need a really long-lasting battery, try Eveready E squared Lithium.  They last a long time and are significantly lighter as well.<hr noshade size=1></blockquote></font>

Kodak's new batteries aimed at digital photographers
by Dennis Sellers, dsellers@maccentral.com
July 8, 2002 1:25 pm ET

If you're a digital camera user, you know that batteries bite the dust quickly. Kodak says it's going to change this with their new Kodak Max Digital Camera Battery, which the company claims lasts up to three times longer than AA alkaline batteries.

Kodak says the Max Digital Camera Batteries let you to take up to three times the pictures than any AA alkaline battery in a digital still camera. This translates into 150 pictures with the new Kodak product versus approximately 40-50 pictures with a set of AA premium alkaline batteries when tested in a Kodak EasyShare DX3600 Zoom Digital Camera, according to James DeJager, technical director for the company's Consumer Imaging's Battery business.

The AA-sized non-rechargeable oxy-alkaline battery fits almost 70 percent of digital cameras in the U.S. and 50 percent of digital cameras worldwide, he added.

The Kodak Max Digital Camera Battery will be priced comparably to other premium AA alkaline batteries, DeJager said. They'll be available in September.
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