Konus Sight-Pro Atomic Red/Green Dot Sight 1x 20mm 4 MOA Dot on Marlin .22 WMR


Mar 11, 2001
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Just got this puppy in my hands and whipped it on the Marlin 25CM .22WMR. Going to sight it in tomorrow. Review to follow.

$99 at Midway Konus Sight-Pro Atomic Red Dot Sight 1x 20mm 4 MOA Dot with Weaver-Style Mount and Rimfire Adapter Matte - MidwayUSA

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</td> </tr> <tr> <td align="left" valign="top">Description

The #7247 is a revolutionary new electronic sighting device that is the smallest traditional Red dot on the market.

Although extremely rugged and designed to withstand the most powerful firearms, the SightPro Atomic is so light (3.8 oz) and compact that it can be mounted on pistols, archery equipment, and shotgun/turkey guns, as well as traditional hunting rifles.

It features a 4 M.O.A. red dot with 10 adjustable intensities for varied lighting conditions and a dual integrated rail that fits the standard Weaver STO 7/8" base and 3/8" small bore .22 rails.

Technical Features

• Red & Green Dot 4 M.O.A.
• 10 light intensifications (5 red & 5 green)
• Integrated rail
• Unlimited eye-relief
• No magnification 1x
• Objective diameter 20mm./0.7"
• Lenght mm. 63/2.4"
• Weight gr. 110/3.8oz.
Battery 3vdc CR2032

</td></tr></tbody></table>Scope was easy to mount. The bottom mount uses 2 hex head screws to secure it to the barrel groove. The scope then mounts on that mount.

One question I have about this sight, the box says the dot size is adjustable. Anybody know if this is true and how? The info sheet says nothing about this.

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