'Kooky' buck does $20,000 in damage to NY furniture store


Mar 11, 2001
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Buck takes flying leap into Route 9 furniture store

BRIAN BECKLEY, Community News

June 07, 2002

'Every time he saw his reflection he went a little bit kooky and tore himself up pretty bad.'

HALFMOON -- For about 10 minutes Wednesday morning hundreds of dollars of furniture was under a buck at Raymour & Flanigan Furniture.

A deer jumped through a front window and ran through the the Route 9 store.

According to manager Peter Matheson, at approximately 8:45 a.m. the store's cleaning lady heard a crash and saw a shadow in the store.

Police responded to the scene only to find a deer tearing apart the store.

According to Matheson, the animal jumped through one of the store's plate glass windows and damaged more than 40 pieces of furniture before jumping through a second window and running off into the woods.

''We opened up all the doors hoping he would chose the easy way out, but no, he said 'I'll show you guys what a tough deer can do,''' said Matheson, who arrived in time to see the animal leap out of store.

Damage to the store included furniture, carpeting and wallpaper, as the animal ran from display to display, even trapping itself behind a bed. A new couch was also torn and a coffee table scratched by the animal.

Matheson estimated the damage at more than $20,000.

According to Matheson, the animal, which he described as aggressive, seemed to attack every mirror in the store, leaving streaks of blood that reminded him of the something out of the Charles Manson murders.

''This place was trashed,'' Matheson said. ''Every time he saw his reflection he went a little bit kooky and tore himself up pretty bad.''

By afternoon, both windows had been replaced and the store had been cleaned, but small spots of blood, hair and hoof prints could still be seen on the carpet.

Though it is the first time at this store, Matheson said he had a similar experience as a manager at a Sears in New Jersey. Matheson also joked that he thought the animal might be an animal rights activist since he seemed most concerned with the leather couches.

The manager also said two of his daughters-in-law have hit deer in the past month and he fears this is a retaliatory strike.

Even with the damage to the store, the staff immediately began joking about their encounter.

''He must have heard our advertising and came to the store early this morning,'' Matheson said. ''I guess the buck really does stop here at Raymour & Flanigan.''

''Yeah,'' countered another employee, ''but did he bring any doe?''


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Jan 15, 2002
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Looks like they need to take up hunting. I hope the deer was alright.

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