Kopel: Should Congress revise our nation's gun laws? No


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Feb 8, 2009
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After Columbine, Colorado enacted eight gun law reforms. All are founded on the principle that guns in the wrong hands are very dangerous, and guns in the right hands protect public safety. One of the new laws forbids adults to transfer guns to minors without parental consent. Another prohibits straw purchases (a legal buyer obtaining a gun on behalf of a prohibited person). Today, guns are the most stringently regulated consumer product in the United States, the only product for which every single purchase from a store requires permission from the FBI or its state counterpart, such as the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. In 2000, Colorado went even further, enacting special rules for background checks at gun shows. The post Columbine laws that aim to keep guns out of the wrong hands are complemented by new laws that protect the self defense rights of the law abiding: repealing an old law which had authorized the governor to ban gun sales during an emergency (when guns would be needed most); preventing localities from interfering with the transportation of guns in automobiles; limiting localities' power to enact anti gun laws; and forbidding suits against firearms manufacturers because of gun misuse by criminals.


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