LA authorities seize more than 350 rabbits from house


Mar 11, 2001
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350 rabbits found at house

Apr 18, 2002

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Authorities have seized more than 350 rabbits, some of them sick or dead, from a Los Angeles area home after neighbours complained that the bunnies were breeding out of control and running amok.

"It's just wall to wall rabbits," Madeline Bernstein, a spokeswoman for the Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said as dozens of the furry creatures were herded into city trucks.

Bernstein said the property's owners were not home when animal control officers arrived with a search warrant, and no arrests had been made, even though at least 10 rabbits were found dead and others were ill.

"We've seen this with cats, we've seen this with dogs, we've seen this with all kinds of animals," Bernstein said. "Sometimes people start out with the best of intentions and just lose control."

She said the homeowners in the Los Angeles suburb of Mar Vista had apparently started with a few rabbits, which began breeding. And so on.

neighbours told local KCAL-TV that they summoned authorities because rabbits often escaped from the home and ran through the neighbourhood, driving their dogs into a frenzy and tearing up lawns and gardens.


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Jan 8, 2002
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I'll be there, maybe we can take care of some of the other varmits in LA to.

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