Lake County boar down


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My buddy JD and I went up to the ranch yesterday. Arrived around 11 am and fairly quickly spotted a herd of mostly black and white pigs at the top of a ridge. Hiked all the way up to try to cut them off but they'd dropped down the other side into thick brush to bed down for the day. Came back to the ranch later in the afternoon and spotted another herd of 30+ pigs around 5:00 - unfortunately the wind shifted as we were stalking within range and they too off on us up and over the ridge on the opposite side of the valley. We followed them but they'd disappeared... but at the top of the ridge I glassed the opposite side where we'd seen the first herd earlier in the day and sure enough there they were. So we headed out on a roundabout stalk to keep the wind in our face. As we approached them JD took the lead and we spotted them grazing no more than 30 yards away. See the video for the action. A nice 150 lb boar.


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Shooter made a nice shot on that boar. Congrats and thanks for the video. Nothing better than springtime hogs! :)

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