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Mar 25, 2002
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I'm one of the fortunate hunters that will get to hunt turks at Lake Mendocino on April 13th.  I called the ranger to get some prescouting info and although he was helpful, he gave me some dissapointing (but not surprising) news.  They've written a letter to DFG stating that they will not be allowing hunting beyond April 1 next year.  That means probably opening weekend only next year.

The reason is because of complaints received by non-hunters about hearing gun shots while they try to enjoy their nature walks etc.  They only draw 6 per hunt day but I think this is an opportunity lost for people who don't have private land to hunt.  I proposed an archery hunt like the one at Millerton Lake but didn't get much of a response.  If you want to lend your support to that or another idea, call the Lake Mendocino Parks Department at (707) 462-7581.

We have to push for these opportunities or lose them.  The other bad news is that my wife is up on me two birds to one.  She called in and shot her first bird (1st on her own)at Daugherty Hill opening morning (I've created a monster!).

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