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Lake Texoma Fishing Report :: Fall Fishing is Here!!

Stripers Inc.

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Apr 2, 2009
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I think fall fishing as come early this year!! Lake Texoma water temperature has dropped to 82° and the fish are really turning on with the falling temperature. Every day this week has been awesome fishing. 90% of the fish that I’m catching are big fish over 20”. It has been a long time since I was able to keep a limit but with the average fish being 4-8 lbs I haven’t received any complaints yet. I have been fishing on anchor in 40 ft. of water near the bank using live shad 5 cranks off the bottom. Sometimes they are there when I set anchor and sometimes I have to wait a little while on them but when they come through, you catch them as fast as you can reel them in and get another bait in the water. I’ve fished Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday this week and everyday it has been the same.
Wednesday was probably the best. The fish stayed with me form the time I set my first anchor until we ran out of bait. I only had 2 people and we probably caught 70-80 fish with only 6 fish under 20” and the biggest at 10.4 lbs. The circle hooks are working great with around 95% of the fish lip hooked for a successful release.
Friday it was a little slower but still fast pace action. I had to wait on them a little while to get going but it was defiantly worth the wait. We caught around 30 fish with a lot of fish in the 8lb range but couldn’t break the 10lb mark today. I hope the boat traffic tomorrow doesn’t shut them down like it did last Saturday
All rods down!! This has been a common occurrence the last few days.

10.4 lber

Averag box of fish we can keep

Good Luck to All,

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