Lake Texoma Fishing Report :: July 17-21

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Apr 2, 2009
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<?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:smarttags" /><st1:place><st1:placeType>Lake</st1:placeType> <st1:placeName>Texoma</st1:placeName></st1:place> water temperature is 86° and the elevation is normal. Fishing is hot and cold right now. I’m catching 10-20 fish when it is cold and wearing them out when it is hot with lots of fish in the 8-10 lb. range. The fish are feeding the first 2 and the last 2 hours of daylight, at least for the big fish. You can catch little fish all day long but you have to be out there when the big fish want to feed to catch them.
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Most of my fish are coming of slabs and bait. Most of the fish are located near or in the river channel in the top 30ft of water. The bottom depth doesn’t seem to matter much. There are some big fish on topwater up to 10lbs if you are in the right place in the right time. They will only come up for 30 seconds or so before they are back down again. Saturday is not the day to come fishing. There are too many boats and too many people trolling and it makes the fishing tough. Just when the fish try to school up someone trolls through them and the stay scattered out. If you can find fish away from other boats you can catch fish.
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Friday morning I caught a ton of fish. All on anchor using bait in 35ft of water. We had to throw back a lot of 20” fish and they ate up all of my bait. I went in 2 fish shy of a limit.
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Saturday morning I caught 10 fish all on bait. There were too many boats
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Saturday evening I caught 17 fish up to 10 lbs all on slabs. I didn’t have a fish in the box until <st1:time Hour="19" Minute="30">7:30</st1:time> Saturday evening. All 17 fish came in the boat in about 30 minutes.
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Sunday morning I caught 21 fish, all on bait. The fish were averaging a little smaller today, I did not catch a fish over 20” but still good box fish. Still too many boats.
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Monday morning I had a catch and release trip. There were not many boats on the water where I was and I got into the big fish. We probably caught 30fish with 3 fish in the 10lb range. All of the fish were over 20” with average being 6 lbs. I’m glad it was a catch and release trip because they would have all been thrown back anyway. I caught big fish on bait, slabs, and topwater. The big fish quit biting at <st1:time Hour="8" Minute="0">8:00</st1:time> and we caught little fish on <st1:City><st1:place>cohoes</st1:place></st1:City> until it was time to quit.
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Tuesday morning there were some storms that rolled through early and they changed the fishing patterns again. The big fish that I caught Monday had moved off so I had to track down some fish. I found a school of smaller fish busting top and I was catching some box fish under them with slabs with one lonesome 6 lber running with the smaller fish. We caught 6 that were big enough to put in the box when I got a call form a friend that was hammering them on bait. We threw an anchor next to him in about 35 ft of water on a ledge and start catching 20”+ fish as fast as we could get the baits down! It was like spring again! We didn’t catch but 2 fish under 20” in this whole school and we probably threw back 30 fish over 20”. I use circle hooks and all fish were unharmed with a successful release. We finished the day catching some 20” topwater fish near the shore that also had to be released. Of all the fish I caught, only 5 were under 20”. We kept 13 fish to put in the box. Happy customers and I didn’t have to clean many fish, what a great day!
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Your <st1:place><st1:placeType>Lake</st1:placeType> <st1:placeName>Texoma</st1:placeName></st1:place> fishing guide,
Brian Prichard
Stripers Inc.


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