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Mar 23, 2002
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Well, planned a weekend to boar hunt with my 12 year old son. First i
time for both of us.  Drove 2 hrs to Los Padres Nat. Forrest. Called
the Forrest service to see if any roads were closed, no answer, just
a voice machine. Came to the front of the 325,000. acre forrest and
it's closed and gated. Maintenence company said it's been closed for
5-7 years because of a landslide blocked the road.  Veins started to
potrude from my forehead. One of the last places in California the
liberals have allowed vehicles and now that's gone too. The other
49 states do'nt know how good they have it. I can't even express
anger tastefully. So it will be sent to the head of the Forrest
service in California.
Madder than hell.
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