Larry Hamilton sightings? What's ole Larry up to 2013 version. Hog guide scam


Mar 11, 2001
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If you're not familiar with Larry he's run a hog guide scam for years out of the newspapers around Monterey Co. He calls it the "Hunting Club" and you pay $300 up front and his worker may or may not show up to meet you and they point at a small piece of property with no hogs on in it and say good luck. Or they point at someone else's land and send you over there.

I used to hear from those that got ripped or see a post in here every 6 months or so about someone getting burned by Larry. I haven't heard a peep in a year or two now. Is Larry still scamming? I know some guys are reluctant to talk about getting hoodwinked but please let us know if he's still selling snake oil. Maybe Larry retired on all that hard earned money and is sipping cubra libras in Mexico?

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