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Lassen Zone 4 Antelope buck

Hog slayer

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Well got back this week from the Antelope hunt. Scouted for 4 days. Saw lots of bucks and covered a lot of ground. I have never been that far up North. For a while I though I was hunting in Wyoming. Well I am not going to drag this out so here it is. Spotted one really nice buck on Thursday morning. Opening day he was gone. But that afternoon got a really good look at him. Put a stock on him but gave me the slip. Well posted that same area that afternoon. Spotted this buck off in the distance. Looked really good. I watched this buck cover a lot of ground. I don't know how far but I was unable to pick him out in my stiners 10x40 binoculars but saw him in my spotting scope. He looked like a dot from that distance but his horns seem to stick out. So I watch him cover some serious ground. It took him over an hour and 20 minutes to come into shooting range. First a coyote scared him off and then a little buck chased him away but he started running in my direction. Well he finally made it to the ridge. My faithful hunting partner was taking a nap. I told him to get up because I had a possible shooter. I had some time to take some video and a few pictures through my spotting scope. The buck looked really nice. Well I had some doe antelope just down below me about 200 yards away a perfect decoy. The buck was 400 yds out. I thought if he kept going I was going to pass but he saw the does and kept coming. He was now at 300 yds. I waited for a while till he settled in. I took the perfect broad side shot with my 257 WBY. The buck never knew what hit him.

I had passed on some other bucks, I don't consider myself a trophy hunter. I hunt because I enjoy the hunt probably like most hunters out there. I had the perfect set up and I was very confident in my shot placement. This all came into play for me to take the shot. For judging this buck he looked a lot taller than I thought. I think because I was looking down on him. So if you are looking for the big one you might take this into consideration. Also don't get caught up in the curve of the horns even some smaller bucks like the one I shot have them. It surly can be a little deceiving out there looking for a more mature antelope. Also saw some some really nice deer. Great trip.



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Sounds like a good time Hunting ! and with meat in the freezer, Good job


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Wtg hog slayer, nice speed goat! Always wanted to hunt one with a bow when I was in cali but never got drawn for the Lassen hunt, glad it all worked out for u, thnx 4 sharing!....tra

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cali deer hunter

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Great job on what sounds like an exciting hunt. I'm heading up that way in a couple weeks looking for those mulies, or something similar.

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