Lassen Zone 4 Antelope Hunt

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Mar 30, 2011
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Looking for some information on the Lassen Antelope Hunt Zone 4. I tried to contact the Biologist and the Game Warden but thats like puling teeth trying to get a phone number. I did manage to get the Biologist number but he has never return my calls so now I am counting on the hunting community to help me out if they can. After 15 years I finally got drawn for this antelope hunt. Area 4 is a massive unit. I am planning on a scouting trip in August. But for now, I am trying to find out some info where the goats could be hanging out at. Like I said, this is a huge area. Any help would be appreciated. I have pretty much given up on the Ca Fish and Game.


Aug 3, 2010
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Pm me your phone number with good days and times to call you. You should not have any trouble filling your tag. My info is old, very old, but I am sure still very very valid. But I know there are others here with much more recent info. Hopefully they will chime in too.

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