last trip down on a self guided tahr and chamois hunt


Jan 9, 2016
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got the chance to head back down to the south island for some more hunting. i took a friend from here with me and met up with a cpl more friends when we landed on the south island. from the airport we headed over to get a few things for camp then headed out for tahr first. made it about 3/4 of the way that afternoon and found a place to camp for the night . we only have a few miles left but that would crossing a cpl rivers a few times and that not all that much fun in the dark
got up early and starting up to what will be home for a few days. within just a cpl miles we were already seeing tahr so we split up and started up after them in 2 different groups. a cpl hrs later we are all back to the trucks with 3 tahr and we were not even to camp yet.
made our way the short drive into camp and right away got a fire going in the wood stove. it started to rain while up on the hill getting the tahr so we all had to dry out a bit. the next morning got out glassing and it was not very hard to find tahr. another guy in our group went up after a few and came back a cpl hrs later with a nice bull. the 3rd day the only guy in our group that had not shot a tahr yet started up after a nice bull . 2 of us stayed in the river bed watching as he and 1 other friend start up. after just a few hundred yrds a chamois buck pops out and he went for that knowing it might mess up a chance at the bull tahr. we could see the chamois but could see him and a bit shocked when we see him shoot and the tahr just turn and walk up a few yrds and go back to feeding. they call us on the radio to tell us he just got a chamois and did the tahr take off. we told him no he just moved less then 40 yrds and went back to grazing. we 20 min later we see him shoot and could hear the bullet hit which turned the bull and he put 1 more shot into him and tahr repaid him for that by jumping over the waterfall he was standing next to .

well they found away down to where he landed and both horns had not made the fall that well and popped off. 20 min of looking and both horns found
which was very lucky as they where in a huge rock slide area with a million cracks to hide in.
we make it back to camp for are nice feed and what we were thinking would be are last night. we had planned to leave at first light and head over to an area for fallow deer but it rained all night and the river swelded way to much to make it out. so 1 more day and night and the next morning we were off
a few hrs later we make to a farm where the farmer has his old farm house all ready for us to stay in and he even had his tractor sitting there with a bucket full of dried and split fire wood. the next morning we get up have a bite and off to find a fallow. not that hard to do as this farm has them a few on it . a cpl hrs later we are loading a cpl fallow bucks and head back to my friends house in christchurch for a cpl day of R&R. after some nice relaxing 2 of us are right back at it heading to the west coast for some chamois hunting.
get to where we want to hunt that night and set up camp. the next morning it stopped raining which is a good thing and from talking to the locals there it only stops raining 1 or 2 times a yr:confused:
we only walk a cpl hundred yrds and bang there is chamois just standing there feeding. i step off the trail and range him at 300 yrds and pull the trigger
he does not even move just drops. so back to the car to leave my rifle and take my pack. did i say he way on the other side of the river that is flowing right out from under a glacier. well the water was kinda cold but i made it across and 30 min later i could feel my toes again
i take a cpl pix and bone him out and load the meat and head/cape into the pack and i am going to bypass that river by going over the glacier.
FYI glaciers are kinda slippery with just wet hiking shoes and no crampons . ended up getting a cpl chamois at this spot and heading back to my friends for a cpl more days of rest then back to the airport.

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