Late season hunts


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I am new to this site as far as posting on it. I want to talk about the Late season hunts. The Tehama Deer herd, which was once huge, is not so much anymore. Undulates within the state are less than 400,000. About 50% of the fawn are eaten by bears, another 25% by Cougars and coyote. The Doyle Herd, which once numbered over 4000 animals strong, and is part of the M3 hunt, has less than 600 deer remaining. By the time the M3 hunt begins, the animals are starving. Now the CDFW biologists have allowed the introduction of Gray Wolves, another apex predictor, to become settled in our state, and they are proud of it. Our state can barely keep up with the existing apex preditors, how will it support another?

Frankly, as a people, we ought to work to desolve the CDFW by formulating a better alternative which practices the North American model of Wildlife Conservation. We might be able to accomplish this through the referendum process. What do you think?


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Change In California? Coyotes are snatching Dogs out of City homes and they are protecting the coyote. we are to far gone for reform, hope you like TEA?


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have to agree with OPAH as our state Is way to liberal to save hunting. Wolves, owls, and lizards yes. But hunting no.

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