Late season trout on dries


Lucky week for me: pig hunting alone yesterday and trout fishing with my wife today! Five mile hike into a fork of the Kaweah paid off. My wife caught several including the beauty(s) pictured :). We did well, despite the sudden cooling trend and painfully cold wet wading. Good time tuning my barbless stimulator pattern and klinky-dinks for next year, and a gorgeous day to spend on the water with my best friend. Have a great weekend everyone!

Only downside to the day was discovering that someone had used spray paint to apply over-sized blazes to rocks and trees marking the path to this remote and hard to access portion of the river... please, drop a pin in OnX and leave the rattle cans at home.


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Thanks for sharing, It's nice to hear about trout fishing the mountain streams and rivers. Congrats to you and your wife.


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Nice Deluded, being able to have your wife as a outdoor partner and share you’re passion together doing the activities u both like is a win, win situation. Thnx for sharing!....tra

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