Laws in California regarding the sale of Caribou mounts?

Cuello Rojo

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Anyone know of any California regulations with DFG on selling an Alaskan Caribou mount? I have a Caribou mount that I no longer have space for and I need to get rid of it. I'm considering a posting on ebay, but I want to make sure that I'm legal!

I've tried calling the local DFG offices but no on seems to be clear on selling animals that are not native to the state of California.


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There are laws in Ca restricting the sale of Ca wildlife, Ca wildlife parts (mounts...). From memory, a taxidermist may sell a unclaimed mount at his cost, all others are prohibited. However, to my knowledge, there are no laws restricting the sale of mounts taken outside the state and brought here; with the exception of couger and endangered/threatened species.

Perhaps #1Predator will step up and clarify this, as he always provides indepth responses with citings to such questions.


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If you are in the Bay Area take it down to the new Guns Fishing and Other Stuff and they will put it up in their store. I know they are looking for mounts to fill the place up with

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