Learning the new software. What do you like? What can't you find? What don't you like?


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What I can do is manually change your Reaction Score (basically Likes) to add your old Thanks count and I have done that in your case, so your current reaction score is now 325.

If anyone else knows their old Thanks count and would like a similar adjustment, let me know.
I think mine was about 326 :). Just kidding, i had my far share, but don't really care about the number. I can understand people wanting their number back but I think if people are on the forum for a while they'll get a feel for the other members and what they contribute.


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Hmmmm; my reaction score seems to have carried over. Unless you tweaked mine too, Bax.
Either way; I'm good. I'm just glad JHO got a reprieve! :)

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