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Jul 20, 2006
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http://Charters.phpIt's going to be a great year
and 976-Tuna is going to kick off the tuna season in style
with lots of great trips in June.

A 2 day all inclusive trip on the Pacific Queen leaving May 28
A 2 day trip on the Indian leaving June 3
A 2 day trip on the Sea Adventure 80 leaving June 11 (Filling Fast)
A 2 day trip on the Grande leaving June 17
A 2.5 day trip on the Islander leaving June 24

Get some friends together, pick a trip, then call Rick at 310-328-8426 for reservations.

Let's Go Fishin

<a href="http://www.976-tuna.com/news.php?item.40375.1" target="_blank">http://www.976-tuna.com/news.php?item.40375.1</a>

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