Hunting Buddy Wanted lookiing for a hunting buddy for d3-d5 rifle season - norcal bay area

game dog

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Jun 26, 2017
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hi all. I'm looking for a buddy for rifle season hunting public land d3-d5. if any hunters out there hunting this zone and need a hunting buddy let me know.
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Jul 18, 2014
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game dog welcome aboard.
What I am going to say is not personal, I don't know you and you could be a great guy to hunt with. Year after year on this forum and others people ask the same question about finding a hunting partner.
You did a great job filing out the "about me" page and that helps a lot. You might consider posting a hunting or even a fishing report since you do both. It would tell us a little more about you and how you hunt or fish. The more general info the better. Not personal info but something about your outdoor experience level. I hunt D 3-5 when I don't get drawn for anything so maybe I could help a little but as a lot of my friends are retiring and have weekdays off now I have lots of guys to hunt with. A few years ago not so much. I have offered many times in the past to meet someone who posted the same thing you just did and only one guy was willing to meet me before a hunting trip. All of the others said they had no time to meet at the rifle range or on a fishing trip to just to get acquainted. I will not agree to meet any one new on a hunting trip that I have not talked to in person. I can put up with almost anyone in my boat for a few hours but won't hunt with someone that I know nothing about. You can PM me and we might try to at least talk some and see where it goes.

Good luck and I hope it works out for you.

The one guy I did meet was a great guy. We had a pleasant time fishing but he and I hunt way differently so we never went on a hunt together. That just proved to me that meeting someone before the hunt is a must.

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