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Looking for an expert marksman in So. Cal.

Where's Bruce?

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I'm heading to the range on Little Tujunga Canyon Road in LA next Thursday (Oct 18) and would like to hook up with an expert who can assist me in sighting in my EOTech. I'm okay with my hunting scopes but dialing in this things has proven challenging to me. I am sighting in a few of my rifles to zero at 200 yards instead 100 yards and having an expert by my side to check my sighting abilities would be helpful. Besides, my vision isn't what it once was and having an expert along to confirm my sights are dialed in perfectly will give me more confidence in the field. Plus it's more fun shooting with a partner. Breakfast, shooting and targets are all on me! Bring your rifles and have fun...just double check me from time to time and correct me if I F up. I like to be there and ready to shoot when they open the range...usually stop for breakfast at a little place right off the freeway there. Anyone up for a range day?


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If you're up for a drive, we can meet in periss on some blm land and I'll help you sight it in. pm me if interested.

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