looking for brians and slugo


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brians/slugo, Hi vineyardhunter here, I was in waterbury this past weekend, stayed at the american motel on s.main. I have a place I can hunt in bethany. I am trying to get back in Oct and Nov. maybe we could meet. I had one small doe walk about 6' from my ladder stand and she went out in front of me, of course I thought it was another squirel so I wasn't ready. she walked off around a rock outcroping and made her way to the guys front lawn. I got sick as a dog for 2days I should of got out anyway, next morning the home owner calls me on the cell and tells me there are 7 deer in his back yard under my stand and two of them are 8 point bucks. I hope you check this site once in awhile, if I don';t hear from you I will move it to the bowhunting site.

Brian S

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Wow you weren't very far from me. I am south one exit on route 8 from where you stayed on S.Main. I live on the south end of Prospect above where Naugatuck ends and Bethany begins. We have hunted a place in Bethany that borders the corner of the Naugatuck state forest. I haven't been on this site in a while because work has had me pretty tied up. Today I shot a coyote with the bow in Southington while deer hunting.


Yea you were right in my back yard. I dont hunt in ct anymore got tired of looking for private land and too much traffic on state. Bought land in NY and do my hunting there.

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