Looking for partner, have a Bear tag and Deer tags for X10 and D8


Jul 24, 2015
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Hi all, :wavin hello:

I have a 2015 bear tag and a 2015 Deer tag for X10 and D8, do not know which one I am going to go to. Kind of depends on who I hook up with. I would expect repliers to have one too. I would go alone but that would cause a REAL BIG issue with my wife. This will be my first hunting adventure.

I would like to meet at the Angelus, Oak Tree or a Place to Shoot, Shooting ranges , some Saturday or Sunday morning, soon. I am going to Angeles next Saterday to break in my new rifle and dial in my new scope.

I live outside of the San Fernando Valley, have been shooting for a while but never thought of hunting till my last back packing trip in the X9A zone, where I met a hunter that got a Buck his first day out.
My dad had hunted in this area 50 years ago too. :patiotic-wavin-flag
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