Looks like my Super K has competition


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I picked up this oddball 1966 Bear Kodiak off of eBay last year and I find it to be a great shooter. Although it's a 40# bow, it seems as if it hits as hard (if not a little bit harder) than my 45# Bear Super Kodiak. Up until now, the Super Kodiak has been my favorite. However, this old Kodiak just might take that spot here shortly.



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That Kodiak is in great condition for sure D14Archer I like the built in pin guide. I have very nice collection of old school Bear recurves myself but never got a chance to score a Super K to add to it. But I have a pristine 1970 Kodiak worth about $500. In my Bear collection.
All my recurves are 40 and 45 lbs and they do hit hard no problem, I like the 40 lb. Pull cause u can hold longer and steadier at full draw and shoot a lot more arrows without wearing your shoulder out. Thanks for sharing D14 Archer.....tra

P.s. I edit my post I was half asleep when I read it this morning and thought it was the super K pic u posted my bad.
But that's a really clean well taken of 66' for sure u scored a nice one....
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