Los Banos Duck Club Openings


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Aug 26, 2013
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Hi everyone, with the upcoming waterfowl season I've begun looking at leasing a 2 man blind up in Los Banos. I spoke with a club manager who oversees three different clubs (Lucky 6, Edgewater and Westside Duck Club). There are several open blinds because of everything that is going on right now. We can hunt all day long, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, then after December 1st we can hunt 7 days a week. There is a spot to park a trailer and at one of the clubs there is a bunk house to stay in. The cost for the two man blind is $4,500. I am looking to find another person to split the cost with. We can also bring a guest with us as long as there is one person from the lease there (Maximum of 2 people in the blind so one of the lease holder could not be there as long as the other is there with a guest). If you're interested or know someone who might be interested send me a message or comment below. Thanks.

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