Loving my 444


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May 22, 2011
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Found another forum dedicated to the Marlin Rifles and started reading. Next thing ya know I am finding others carrying the 444 and reloading too. Now I cannot get enough. Bought 4 manuals and a DVD, dies for my 444, and found another loader nearby to share the fun with. Ya never know where retirement will take ya. My father was big into ballistics and loading but never found the time and place for it. Now I get to take his gun, the 444, and start custom loads. I even saw a video of some nuclear lead bullets custom loaded in a real hot shell cut thru 20- 1 gallon milk jugs filled with water and penetrate thru 3.5 inches of wood. I am really impressed. Solid rifle and some crazy reloaders. If anyone else is into this nearby Big Bear I would love to share the loading time with you.

Old Dog learning new tricks. I will not be using nuclear grade lead or trying to shoot thru bunkers but making my own ammo should be fun. I have 500 rounds now so all I need to find are the supplies and the shells should last me my lifetime.
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