Magazine's errors cost CA DFG $35,000


Mar 11, 2001
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Magazine's errors cost DFG $35,000

Tom Stienstra, San Francisco Chronicle Outdoors Writer

February 14, 2002

Another $35,000 has slipped through the fingers of the Department of Fish and Game, equivalent to the sale of more than 1,200 fishing licenses.

All the DFG will have to show for it will be a bill from the government for shredding roughly 80,000 copies of a publication named "Directory of Public Resources."

The magazine in question is a slick, full-color, 50-page production that profiles the services, programs and people that make up the DFG. Though 750 copies were distributed at a sports show in Sacramento, the magazine was pulled from the show by the DFG, with the remaining copies ordered destroyed.

About one-third of the phone numbers in the publication are incorrect, said Sonke Mastrup, a deputy director, because a large division of the DFG is moving this week to a new building.

"It's a beautiful publication," Mastrup said, "just bad timing."

There were other problems as well, he said.

DFG biologists were alarmed about a story describing the problem of feral cats in which it was recommended that the cats be released after being spayed.

"Our philosophy is definitely not to do that," Mastrup said, because a spayed feral cat will kill as many birds and wildlife as an unspayed feral cat.

He also said an article about grant money that is available to the public for co-venture habitat projects was omitted.

The errors occurred, Mastrup said, when staff published the magazine without formal review in order for it to be distributed in time for the sports show.

In a meeting with several DFG executives, science advisor Diana Jacobs reportedly was alarmed at the omission of several of her favorite projects, including her involvement with CalFed, the Delta water accord.

At that meeting, Jacobs reportedly held up the publication and said, "This is the old DFG (because it features fishing, hunting and conservation). We want this to be the new DFG," and then ordered all copies to be picked up at the sports show and shredded. Mastrup denied that, saying the decision was made by a committee of executives. Jacobs did not return a phone call.

A new edition will be published in late April or early May. To get on the list for a free copy, write: Public Affairs, DFG, 1416 Ninth St., Sacramento, CA 95814, or e-mail:


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Jun 30, 2001
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Hey, $35000 here $35000 there, pretty soon you are talking about real money.

There is a real internal battle going on at DFG headquarters, over who is controlling the direction of DFG, between the traditional Hunting and Fishing interests and the Environmental Conservation (T&E Species, non-game, environmental review, habitat planning) interests.  

The traditional hunting and fishing interests ae not winning.

Sportsmen hold onto your hunting tags,  it won't get better.

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