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Mar 13, 2001
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Well, I see Magellan came out with 3 new units, due to be released betw Sept and Nov this year.  

They are all 3 WASS capable.  They don't have the Antenna Housing sticking up like older units which I didnt' like.  I seen where the cheapest is about $220 or so, on the Internet.

I also noticed that they were bought out by a company in France a few months ago.....

Altho my hand was reaching for my Wallet to purchase a Garmin product, I think I'll hold off now and see what is said about these new units.

My Sign is Gemini, the twins, and when it comes to making a decision, the twins always fight me.....My wife's favorite comment when I try to make a decision is "I'll leave you alone and let you and the twins fight it out"


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