Maine Turkey hunters indicted in shooting


Mar 11, 2001
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Maine Turkey hunters indicted in shooting

Kennebec Journal

July 7, 2002

ALFRED — A grand jury has indicted two turkey hunters for shooting and wounding two other hunters in Lyman, then failing to offer help.

Edgar White, 70, of Kennebunkport, and Lawrence Inniss, 63, of Arundel, face a variety of felony and misdemeanor charges for the May 13 incident, under the indictment handed up this week by a York County grand jury.

The two were arrested after Inniss fired one shot from his 12-gauge shotgun at what he thought were wild turkeys. The pair allegedly ran away after realizing they had shot at two men, Stephan Pelletier, 37, of Biddeford and Richard LaFlamme, 29, of Arundel.

Inniss faces two counts each of aggravated assault and reckless conduct, both felonies, and two misdemeanor counts of assault while hunting. He faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

White was indicted on two misdemeanor counts of assault while hunting. He faces up to a year in jail if convicted. Both men face felony charges of failure to aid an injured person.

An indictment is not an indication of guilt. It means that a grand jury has found enough evidence to warrant a trial.

"Was this an intentional, knowing act? Probably not," said York County District Attorney Michael Cantara. "But by not rendering assistance to those men, they were in violation of the law."

Police say Inniss and White were driving by a field off Old North Berwick Road when they mistook a turkey decoy set by Pelletier and LaFlamme for a real turkey.

Following the sounds of a turkey caller that LaFlamme and Pelletier were using to lure a male turkey to the decoy, Inniss fired, spraying the two men with buckshot.

LaFlamme, who sustained pellet wounds to the head, face, neck and back, cried out that he was hit. Pelletier, who was hit with one pellet in the back, was able to identify Inniss and White.

Inniss and White were arrested after emerging from the woods. Both had permits to hunt turkeys.

The incident was not the first for White, who was investigated by the Maine Warden Service in 1989 after he accidentally shot a member of his deer-hunting party in Kennebunkport. He was never charged.

Scott Gardner, the lawyer defending Inniss, said his client was not trying to flee the scene, but was going for a phone to try and help LaFlamme, a friend. "Any hunting accident is serious, but this event seems to me to be just that — a serious accident, rather than a crime," Gardner said.

Inniss is scheduled to be arraigned on July 12. White could not be reached for comment.

Mossy Beard

Jun 26, 2002
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If these guys are convicted they should "throw the book at 'em" !!!

Mossy Beard


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