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Man chokes to death on live fish


Wednesday, May 16, 2001

Man chokes to death on live fish


VIBURNUM, Mo. (AP) -- A Bixby man died after trying to swallow a live fish.

Investigators said Todd Poller, 45, was apparently drinking with friends all day Saturday near Neal's Creek about six miles outside Viburnum in Iron County.

Poller's friends reported him yelling, "Hey, watch this" before grabbing a 5-inch perch from the water and dropping it headfirst into his mouth, Iron County Sheriff Alan Mathes said.

Poller began choking and gasping for air. The sheriff said the others tried to dislodge the fish and perform the Heimlich maneuver. He was pronounced dead when emergency crews arrived.

An autopsy found that Poller died from asphyxiation from having the fish lodged in his throat. Besides choking, Poller also suffered lacerations to the inside of his throat from the fish's fins.

Mathes said Poller was a "well-known character" in the area.


I though Jeff Foxworthy was just being funny when he said.  The last thing a redneck says before he die's. '' Hey y'all watch this'' guess it's true.  

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