MAn shot while calling coyotes


City man killed in hunting accident

A Van Wert (Ohio) man was reportedly killed in a hunting accident on Sunday night.

Trevor Ellerbrock, 27, of 320 Burt St., was pronounced dead at Van Wert County Hospital after efforts to stabilize him were unsuccessful. According to the Van Wert County Sheriff's Department, Ellerbrock was hunting in a field adjacent to Convoy Road, approximately a half-mile west of U.S. 127 at 9:38 p.m. Sunday using a recording of a rabbit squealing to lure coyotes to where he was located. However, two other hunters -- Troy Clark, 36, of rural Van Wert and a 15-year-old boy -- were also hunting coyotes in the field.

The two other hunters, who were using a night vision device, mistook Ellerbrock for a coyote in the dark and shot once, hitting him in the stomach. Ellerbrock cried out that he'd been shot and the other two hunters, realizing there was someone else in the field, immediately went to help him.

A cellular phone Ellerbrock had on him was used to call 9-1-1 and Scott EMS was dispatched to the scene. Scott medics then requested Van Wert send an advanced life support (ALS) squad to the scene and the Van Wert squad transported Ellerbrock to the hospital. An Ohio Department of Natural Resources investigator was also contacted to assist with the investigation, since hunting was involved. The investigation into the incident is

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