Man Stabbed with Swordfish in Fight


Mar 11, 2001
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Man Stabbed with Swordfish in Fight


MADEIRA BEACH, Fla. (Reuters) - A Florida fisherman was recovering on Friday after being stabbed with the bill of a swordfish during a fight with another man, a sheriff's spokeswoman said.
Police arrested Frank Ashmus, 46, and Garth Spacek, 42, on Thursday after the two fishermen allegedly started fighting near a dock in Madeira Beach, a small city on Florida's Gulf Coast.

Police said that after Spacek hit Ashmus in the head with a beer bottle and left, Ashmus went to Spacek's apartment and stabbed him in the abdomen with a sharp detached bill of a swordfish.

"We don't see this kind of thing very often," said Pinellas County Sheriff spokeswoman Marianna Pasha.

Both men were drunk, according to police.

Ashmus and Spacek were held without bond on charges of aggravated battery. Spacek was in fair condition, Pasha said.

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The moral of this story: Never bring a beer bottle to a Sword Fight.


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Jan 7, 2002
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Hey Jessie, I was lucky enough to bait ,fight ,and land a swordfish out of Dana Point on 8/17/1997. It took 5.75 hours to land and it weighed 213 lbs.. That sword is a lethal weapon! Unlike marlin + sailfish were you can grab the bill to release the fish , if you try that with a broadbill you are going to definitely come up short. In our battle on the boat COMMANCHE the swordfish almost took our heads off when we had the fish next to the boat. Didn't realize how bad that sword was until the fish was dead. Not a bad weapon for a sword fight!
Great eating too.

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