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Just saw this today, thought any Marines here at JHO might be interested.

The Marines have a new insignia for the elite Marines Corps Special Operations Command. It’s called the Spiritus Invictus, and is long overdue. It means “unconquerable spirit,” and features a golden bald eagle with outstretched wings towards the tip of a gold stiletto dagger. It also has the medallion of the Southern Cross constellation.
Military.com stated, “Effective immediately, MARSOC critical skills operators and special operations officers are authorized to wear a new gold breast insignia, the Marine Corps announced Monday night. The insignia badge will be 2 inches by 2.75 inches and will be awarded to critical skills operators and special operations officers upon completion of MARSOC’s grueling nine-month individual training course.”


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That looks cool. To bad the Lt Col is retired already. Maybe I can get one for my collection.

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