Marlin vs. Remlin 336s


Feb 17, 2015
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I grew up hunting with a Marlin 336 in 30-30. Took probably a dozen whitetails with it growing up. Then when I went off to college the gun was passed down to my brother who still hunts with it. It continues to take deer almost every year including a big 9 point my brother got last year from the same stand I took a 6 point in the previous day.

After college I hunted a few years with a Remington 700 30-06, later sold that gun and bought a Mosin Nagant 91-30 which I've done a good deal of custom work on and love it for stand hunting. However, it's tall and very heavy. It's great on stand and accurate at longer ranges but it's the opposite of a brush gun.

Recently traded a canoe for a 336 also in 30-30. It's newer and made since Remington took over. I have never had poor quality from either Remington or Marlin but heard that the "Remlin" version of these lever guns have had some complaints. My brother and I compared the twin guns and can feel that the older marlin is a little smoother to operate. This may just be that it is better broken in. The new gun only has about 1 box of bullets through it.

Are there known defects to the newer "Remlin" guns? If it's a little clunky etc. I'm okay with that. But are there parts known to fail? jams etc. Looking to do any preventive maintenance before anything might show up on a hunt. I've heard that Remington has improved the quality dramatically in years following. I'll have to see if I can find what year my gun is.

I'm thrilled with the rifle. Love lever guns and I plan on using it as a primary anytime i will be hunting brushy places or still hunting. The Mosin Nagant will be used on stand and open country hunts.


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Oct 19, 2006
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I really wouldn't worry too much about the rifle. If your an ocasional shooter it will last two life times. If it does break worry about it then. With Hornaday Leverlution ammo this rifle should be good to 250 yards and 200 with standard ammo. Take that bad boy to the range and find out what it likes to shoot. As you age or want to shoot longer distance a scope can be mounted on top. These guns aren't hard to disassemble, if you choose you could take it apart polish the parts that rub together and lightly lube them. DO NOT REMOVE ANY METAL WITH A FILE OR SAND PAPER. That will slicken up the action. You could also ask a gunsmith to touch it up but ......

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