Maryland State Police Seeking to Retool Ballistic Imaging Program!

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Jul 20, 2006
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The Maryland State Police have quietly drafted new regulations on the state?s ballistic imaging program, the Maryland Integrated Ballistics Identification System (MD-IBIS). Current regulations require that ?The pertinent data base be searchable for comparison purposes to shell casings from crime scenes for the purpose of identifying the source of these casings.? If A graphic accompanying an article on Sunday's front page about the decline of greater prairie chickens in the Flint Hills showed the overall trend for prairie chickens in Kansas.

An article on page 1B Monday incorrectly identified the race/ethnicity of J.C. Delamore, the Kansas Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's 2008 Little Boy of the Year. He is white; not Hispanic.

Also, the society raised $383,000 through the Man and Woman of the Year fundraising campaign. It raised $1.2 million last year for research and patient support programs.

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