Maui/Lanai February 2015


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Nov 1, 2014
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Hi All,
I will be staying in Maui Feb 10-26. Just decided I want to get some hunting in while there. Would love Axis and or Goat, Ram, Hogs or anything else I can legally hunt. I am mostly a bow hunter, but could bring a rifle if needed. Looking for any helpful hints your willing to provide. Is the axis hunt on Lanai a draw hunt? Is spot and stalk with bow good option for axis? What about the goat hunting techniques? Is the Ram hunt a draw? Any locals willing to hook up with me and get me started? I would be willing to donate most of the meat. Thanks, Don

Where's Bruce?

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Aug 22, 2010
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If chasing deer on Lanai then it's all about finally getting a shot, these deer are hunted year round and wary. For everything else you'll want tough boots, kneepads and leather gloves as the lava rock will cut the ____ out of you. The jungle gets slick when wet and falling down is a given. Not an easy hunt.

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