MDC's new migratory bird hunting pamphlet


Mar 11, 2001
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Charlie Farmer, Springfield News Leader

Most hunters are familiar with doves and teal. Others may not have hunted rails, snipe or woodcock.

The Missouri Department of Conservation’s new migratory bird hunting pamphlet should be read several times before heading out in September and October.

Check out the new dove regulations in the front. And on the next page look over the important permit and stamp requirements such as the Missouri small game hunting permit. And Missouri’s migratory bird hunting permit and the federal migratory bird hunting and conservation stamp.

If you are not familiar with rails, common snipe, sora, Virginia rail and American woodcock, there is good descriptive details to help identify these birds. Birds that you may now end up hunting.

As for the nine-day special Blue Teal season in September, this season reflects a lower breeding population. Still, there could be good hunting with fair to good wetland habitat conditions and ample water supplies.

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