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Mar 11, 2001
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hunted 4 days in menard texas, between junction and san angleo, lease is in very north west corner of menard county, the weather was poor sat/sun, good mon/tues, the birds gobbled hard in the mornings, very little during the day, and very little before roosting,  toms would not respond much to the calling, tons of young birds this year, 5 hunters managed to bag 5 turkeys, passed up lots of jakes, but had to take a few in the end because the big boys would not cooperate, if anyone is planning a trip might wait a week or two, maybe they will be more lonely then, two of us are going back the last weekend in april to try one more time

i got a two year bird, i borrowed a friends remington 870 express magnum, turkey choke, shot #4 remington 3 1/2" shells, this was the first time to use anything but my old 1100, killed the bird at 63 steps which i found to be incredible, with the 1100 2 3/4" shells i was limited to maybe 40 yards, come next year i think i know what i want for christmas

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