Mendota Open Day advice

Hi all,

I am an avid duck hunter with 15 year old son who wants to go to Mendota on opening day. He has 1 year of successful experience at Kern and his last hunt was the Jr. with a limit. Not sure what to do this time to make it fun. We have no reservation and we only walked around the area once last year.

Option 1). Take a boat to the slough and “squeeze” in.
Option 2). Walk the levee on lot 5 far until we don’t see any lights in the field.
Option 3). Sleep in and check in around 10 am for an non-stressful afternoon/evening

We have boat/blind, mud motor, kayak, decoy cart, 100 + decoys And everything in between, so the options are open.

So, lemme hear your thoughts!

Brent and Braden from Simi Valley

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